Flute Cases for Girls

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Apr 12
Flute Cases for Girls

Looking for a fun new flute case for your daughter or granddaughter? A colorful flute carrying case is a great gift for a student flutist. I've selected some of my favorites to showcase below. Whether her favorite color is pink, purple, or blue, you're sure to find one that is to her liking.

There are a couple different types of flute case options. They usually fall under one of the following categories: hard case, soft case, or hard case cover. To learn more about these different types, read Types of Flute Carrying Cases.

Beaumont Polka Dot Flute Case

Aren't these polka dot flute cases cute? Your flutist will look stylish carrying this case around. It comes in the 3 color choices shown above.

This is a soft flute carrying case and it has an exterior zippered pouch for holding a cleaning rod and cloths. It also comes with an ID tag and a shoulder strap. The interior is lined and padded to securely hold your flute. 

WolfPak Colors Series Flute Case

The WolfPak flute cases are stylish, lightweight, and durable. They come in the 3 colors shown above and have a rugged nylon exterior.

These are soft carrying cases with an exterior zippered pocket and adjustable shoulder strap. The inside is padded and designed to fit each flute piece. 

ProTec Slimline Flute Case

The ProTec Slimline cases come in multiple colors: black, blue, pink, purple, green tea, and teal blue. The exterior is made of nylon and is water resistant.

These soft flute cases have an oversized exterior pocket to hold all of your accessories. They also come with an ID tag and padded shoulder strap. The interior has a mold line with soft velvet to hold and protect your flute. ​

Paititi C Flute Hard Case Cover

If you already have a hard flute case, these Paititi flute hard case covers can zip around them, giving your a more colorful exterior look. They come in black, blue, pink, and purple.

These flute case covers come with an exterior zipper pocket, shoulder strap, and handle. ​

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