Hallelu HFL-200 Flute W/case Nickel Plated

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Dec 14
Hallelu HFL-200 Flute W/case Nickel Plated


Is your student thinking of playing the flute but you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for one? The Hallelu HFL-200 Flute W/case Nickel Plated is an economical choice for any beginner who is unsure if they will stick with the instrument long term.


  • Closed hole keys
  • C – foot
  • Offset G
  • Nickel plated keys
  • Italian Pisoni Double Skin pads for clear sound
  • Seal test for quality assurance
  • Included: zippered and padded case with handle, pro care products
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty


The Hallelu HFL-200 Flute W/case Nickel Plated was created for beginner flutist with its closed hole keys, offset G key, & C – foot. These make it much easier to hold and easier to play, minimizing beginners’ frustrations. Included is a carrying case, a cleaning rod, & cleaning cloth.

The quality of this flute is not as high as well-known brands such as Yamaha and Gemeinhardt, but it can be an excellent beginner’s flute. The real draw is the price tag. You can afford to lack in some quality for a child who is just starting out, exploring playing the flute, and figuring out if this is something they would like to continue in as they get older. No sense in buying an expensive flute if the child won’t continue to play.

Of course, renting an instrument is usually an option for students playing in band at school, but some find that buying is actually the more economical choice, especially when it is priced in the $100 range. Why risk a child damaging an expensive rental?

If you do happen to run into issues, this flute comes with a 1 year warranty. If you wish to have protection longer than 1 year, you may add on a 2 or 3 year protection plan on Amazon.


While a low cost and somewhat adequate beginner flute, you get what you pay for in terms of quality and durability. The sound quality and tune of the Hallelu HFL-200 Flute W/case Nickel Plated is not as high as more expensive brands. Because it is not a well known brand, you may have difficulty finding a music repair shop that will service it. Of course, it comes with a warranty, but sometimes going to a repair shop is a quicker fix.

Another concern is the material and color of this flute. Multiple reviewers have expressed frustration over this flute turning colors with wear. Cleaning regularly is usually what keeps this problem at bay, but some have claimed that even with regular cleaning there are signs of wear. While this does not effect the playing ability, it is just something to keep in mind.

The case that is included with this flute also has questionable quality. Some reviewers really like the case, while others have complained that it is cheap, breaking apart, and ending up having to buy a replacement. The strap may become unattached or the lining inside may fall apart. While the flute is the more expensive and important product, it can be frustrating to have to purchase a new case.


The Hallelu HFL-200 Flute W/case Nickel Plated is inexpensive for a beginner flute and has all you need to get started, but maybe you would like an even cheaper option, especially if your child is really unsure if which instrument they would like to play in the long run. The Glory Closed Hole C Flute is a very economical choice. Your child can even choose a color for their flute.

On the flip side, if quality and durability is very important to you, check out a name brand student flute like the Yamaha YFL-221 Student Flute. This flute is quite a bit more expensive, but it was built to last and designed with beginners in mind. Beautiful, both in looks and quality, and made to withstand regular use.


Price is often a major deciding factor when making big purchases, especially if it is for a child who may or may not stick with the instrument. The Hallelu HFL-200 Flute W/case Nickel Plated is an inexpensive beginner flute option. However, the low price comes with low quality compared to some. Because of this, the Hallelu flute gets a 4 out of 5 product rating.

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