Hisonic Signature Series 2810N Closed 16-Hole Flute

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Nov 15


Want a beginner flute for a child but do not want to spend hundred of dollars? The Hisonic Signature Series 2810N Closed 16-Hole Flute may be the instrument for you. Its relatively low price makes this a great option for those exploring the flute and is beautiful sound.


  • Key of C flute
  • Has 16 closed holes
  • Nickel plated
  • Power forged keys
  • Key pads are American made Prestini pads
  • Silver in color
  • Comes with a hard shell case and a cleaning rod


The Hisonic Signature Series 2810N Closed 16-Hole Flute is a great first instrument for a child or student beginner. It could even be bought as a second or temporary flute. Some buy it for marching band, not wanting to risk damaging their concert band flute.

This flute has beautiful silver coloring, is in the key of C, and has 16 closed hole keys, making it easier to play especially for beginners. The sound quality is also nice.

Keeping your flute safe is easy with the included hard shell case. It also comes with a cleaning rod.

If you have been looking for a beginner (or second) flute but are not wanting to break the bank, this is a great choice. It would cost about the same or more to rent a flute for a year. This way, you or your child can have their very own instrument.


There are a few things to consider before buying the Hisonic Signature Series 2810N Closed 16-Hole Flute.

First off, although this flute sells at a great price, you get what you paid for. In other words, this is not a high-end, perfect pitch/sound quality instrument. A number of reviews indicate that it is difficult to play a high G & above with this flute. If your child is just starting out, this is not a big deal, but is something to be aware of.

Also, if this flute becomes damaged, it may be difficult to find a repair shop that is able and/or willing to fix it. Because it is a cheaper instrument and not a common brand, they may decline. However, if you purchase this flute through Amazon, you have the option of also purchasing a 2 or 3 Year Accident Protection Plan, which would take care of this issue.


The price for this flute is relatively low, but we will compare it to some others for perspective.

If you are wanting the lowest price possible, check out the Glory Closed Hole C Flute. This flute sells for under $100 and still has good sound quality. You can also get it in different colors. Buy beware, though, because the colors chip off easily.

On the other hand, you can get a Gemeinhardt 2SP Flute with Straight Headjoint for a few hundred dollars. It a beautiful, higher-end instrument for a beginner student. Gemeinhardt is also a well-known brand in the flute world.

The Hisonic is a mid- to low-range flute, price wise. It has more than adequate qualities for a beginner flutist.


The Hisonic Signature Series 2810N Closed 16-Hole Flute is a beautiful instrument for the price and a great choice for a beginner.

It gets a 4.5 out of 5 product rating because it may be difficult to repair but otherwise is a good value.

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