Jupiter 313S Prodigy Flute

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Feb 06
Jupiter 313S Prodigy Flute


Do you have a child who wants to learn to play the flute now but is too small for regular-sized flutes? The Jupiter 313S Prodigy Flute is an excellent choice and was created with the very young beginner in mind. It is easier to reach the keys and play, eliminating unnecessary frustration for beginners who will eventually grow into standard sized flutes.


  • Closed hole keys
  • Curved headjoint
  • Key spacing is smaller
  • Smaller scale flute – no foot
  • Can play down to a Low D
  • Headjoint, body, and keys are silver-plated nickel silver


The Jupiter 313S Prodigy Flute is a great option for a young child just beginning to play the flute. It comes with a curved headjoint which reduces the space between the lip plate and the keys. The keys were designed to be easily played by small hands with their closed-hole design and being spaced closer together than typical flutes. This flute is also shorter and does not have a foot but can still be played down to Low D.

With all of these features, this flute will allow the child to more easily learn to play. There will be less strain for their hands as well as their reach. When they get older, they can easily transition into a normal sized flute with a curved headjoint and eventually to a straight headjoint flute.


While the Jupiter 313S Prodigy Flute is great for very young beginners, older beginners may not want to start with this flute. If reaching the keys is not an issue, an older student would be better off getting a student flute with a straight headjoint and a foot. This would also eliminate the purchase of multiple flutes, because in the case of purchasing the Jupiter 313S you would eventually need to purchase an upgraded flute.

Another downside to this flute for some will be the price. This flute is well designed for the very young beginner, but eventually they will outgrow it and a new flute will need to be purchased. Some standard student flutes don’t cost as much as this one. If the child decides they do not want to play flute, the Jupiter 313S is a costly try-out.


The Jupiter 313S Prodigy Flute was definitely created with the small beginner in mind. It is a quality flute, but is it worth it? For comparison’s sake, let’s look at the Gemeinhardt 2SPCH Flute with Curved and Straight Headjoint.

The Gemeinhardt 2SPCH is a student flute that comes with both a curved and a straight headjoint as well as a foot. This eliminates the need to buy another flute when the musician has gotten to the point of needing to upgrade to a straight headjoint. It is also a quality instrument from a reputable brand.

Depending on sellers, the Jupiter 313S is just under or about the same price as the Gemeinhardt 2SPCH. The possible downside to the Gemeinhardt, however, is that its keys have the typical spacing – this is good if you want a standard flute, but if you’re child has small hands, this flute may be harder to play. The Jupiter 313S was truly created for small children to begin playing flute at a young age.


The Jupiter 313S Prodigy Flute has all of the qualities needed for a small, young child to begin learning to play the flute. It is pricey, and you will need to upgrade if your child chooses to stick with the flute. For these reasons, the Jupiter 313S receives a 4.5 out of 5 rating.

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