Mendini MFE-N+SD+PB Nickel Plated Closed Hole C Flute

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Aug 10
Mendini Nickel Plated Closed Hole C Flute


There’s one great thing that can be said of the Mendini MFE-N+SD+PB Nickel Plated Closed Hole C Flute: For the price, which is affordably cheap, you can get a lot of accessories together with your flute.

For any parent who wants to gift their child an instrument, this would be the perfect choice. It serves as a good practice, and beginner’s flute.


  • Body is nickel plated
  • Comes with 16 keys, closed hole design
  • Is a C flute with an offset G key as well as a split E key
  • Embouchure is beveled and undercut
  • Double bladder pads, plus rubber key bumpers are of high quality
  • Comes with a durable case, grease, cloth, rod, and gloves
  • Comes with a bonus foldable flute stand and a flute pocketbook
  • Manufacturer defects are covered with a 1-year warranty


The Mendini MFE-N+SD+PB Nickel Plated Closed Hole C Flute is the perfect gift you can give to your aspiring flutist.

If you have children who are interested in learning the flute, but you are still uncertain whether he or she will stick with it, you can start them off with the Mendini. For the price you pay, you get everything you need, including a foldable flute stand and flute pocketbook!

Why are the inclusions really important and to your advantage? Because of the bonus features you don’t have to spend on a separate stand or cleaning kit—or carrying case for that matter. You’ll be surprised that the carrying case is durable, plush-lined, and nylon covered.

It’s also lightweight despite being a hard case. It also comes with a shoulder strap for easy carry, and a separate zippered pocket to fit your child’s other items.

The flute gives a lovely sound and comes in beautiful colors to choose from. You won’t have to stick to the silver colored flute anymore if your child wants something that will match his or her personality. It’s a lot more fun playing with a vibrantly colored flute.

Upon shipment, the flute will arrive safe and sound because of the protective packaging that it comes in. It will save you a lot of money rather than going out and renting a flute and paying for all the other accessories needed. Teachers also approve of this flute in their classes.


Because the Mendini MFE-N+SD+PB Nickel Plated Closed Hole C Flute is made very affordable, the quality suffers a bit. The metal is quite soft, so many repair shops usually turn down repairing a Mendini.

If, however, it is covered by the 1-year manufacturer’s defect warranty, you can turn it in for a replacement.

The paint usually chips off after a week or two of use, but it doesn’t affect the tonal quality of the instrument. It also bends quite easily, and comes apart in places but with a very, very affordable price, you can expect something like this to happen.

If your kid is just beginning flute lessons, it will still be a great investment. You can move up to a better quality flute when your child gets significantly better and desires to proceed with more advanced lessons.


If you want to look for a beginner flute along different price tags, you can first take a look at the Bentoni 16 Keys Nickel Plated Plateau Style Closed Hole C Flute.

It’s under $100, but the cleaning kit comes with a screwdriver which is really thoughtful. Sound quality is very good, with very nice intonation, and a nice response.

If you want to go higher up the price ladder, you can check out the Jean Paul USA FL-220 Student Flute. It’s over $150, and features a beautifully built body with a French style closed hole key system. Still a great beginner flute, but the cleaning kit does not include the cleaning grease.

A little more expensive is the LJ Hutchen Silver C Flute with Hardshell Case. This flute looks just as expensive as its price. The pads are specially treated so that they will be durable, and the key configuration is designed for all sizes of hands.

So whether you’re an elementary student, or an adult, you’ll still feel quite comfortable playing with this flute. The flute is made in the USA and has a 2-year warranty which really gives you the protection you need after spending so much for a flute.

Whether you go for the very affordable Mendini, or the more expensive LJ Hutchen flute, it will depend on your financial capability. If you can afford something much more expensive for a student who just loves to excel in the flute department, then go all out.

If you can’t, but your child wants to learn so much, nothing should stop you from getting your child a flute. This is where the Mendini will be really appreciated.


Although the Mendini MFE-N+SD+PB Nickel Plated Closed Hole C Flute is very affordable, it does lack the quality that other affordable flutes have, which will only cost you 20$ to 30$ more. So, this flute gets a 3.5 out of 5 product rating.

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