Nuvo Flute Review

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Mar 15
Nuvo Flute Review


Nuvo is a company that makes ABS plastic instruments and was founded in 2008. They take traditional instrument design and add modern features to make learning easier and fun for children or any musician. Their instruments are completely washable, durable, and come in multiple colors.

Nuvo has two lines of flutes, the Nuvo jFlute and the Nuvo Student Flute. The jFlute is designed for young children, while the Student Flute is for older beginners. Nuvo recommends the jFlute for children ages 4 to 10.

Nuvo jFlute Kit with Curved Head

The Nuvo jFlute Kit is a plastic flute with many accessories including a carry case and cleaning rod. This flute has multiple features designed for young children who want to learn to play the flute. It has a curved headjoint to make it easier to reach the keys while playing. It also has left hand key extensions to help with finger placement for small hands.

This flute has a small footjoint and can be played down to a low D. Eliminating the larger footjoint as well as being made of plastic makes this flute very lightweight, almost half the weight of a metal flute.

The Nuvo jFlute comes in five different colors.

Nuvo Student Flute Kit with Straight Head

The Nuvo Student Flute Kit is a standard sized plastic flute for children beginners. It can be played down to a low C. The flute has a straight headjoint, body, and C footjoint. The durable design allows this flute to survive the elements and some drops and dings. The Kit includes accessories such as a carrying case and cleaning rod and cloth.

The Nuvo Student Flute comes in nine color choices.


  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Same fingering as student concert flutes
  • Closed hole keys
  • Standard and First Note lip plates
  • Silicone comfort pads - on body of flute where hands rest or touch flute
  • Included: carry case, O-ring grease, and accessories


The fact that Nuvo flutes are made of plastic provides many benefits for children and their parents. First, they are lightweight which reduces strain and helps with posture.

Second, they are waterproof! This means they can be washed easily in warm soapy water and played outside - perfect for marching band - and can be played even when it's raining.

Third, the plastic makes them durable. If children want to learn to play the flute, you can rest knowing that if they accidentally drop or bump this instrument, it will most likely be alright. Other flutes can be damaged much more easily and tend to be more expensive.

Nuvo flutes do not need to be carefully cleaned/polished and put away after each use to last long. Having them set out and still assembled makes practicing here and there quicker and easier. Some people buy this flute as a second flute just for keeping it out at home to practice.

The Nuvo flutes come with two lip plates, a typical one and a "First Note" lip plate. The first note lip plate looks like a recorder mouthpiece and was designed so beginners would be able to create a sound right away when learning to play. This allows the child to concentrate on posture and fingerings first and worry about the mouthpiece later.

If you or your child have a metal allergy, this flute is a great alternative.


While being a plastic flute has many perks, your child might not be able to play this instrument in a school band. Some teachers have a "no plastic instrument" policy. Check with your child's band teacher if you were wanting to purchase this flute for band.

These flutes do not have quite the same sound as a typical flute. Some people are bothered by this. Whether or not this is a deal breaker is based on personal preference. Check out the video below to listen to some Nuvo flutes.

These beginner flutes are on the low end of student flute prices, but they still run upwards of $100, which may be a bit much for a temporary or stepping-stone flute. Depending on the overall purpose of this flute for you or your child and how much you're willing to invest in learning to play the flute will determine whether or not this is the right purchase for you.

Differences between the jFlute and the Student Flute


The jFlute has a curved headjoint which makes it easier for small children to play. There is less strain when reaching for the keys by the reduced length between the mouthpiece and the body of the flute.

The Student Flute comes with a straight headjoint - the standard for student flutes.


The Nuvo jFlute has a D footjoint. This is a smaller footjoint which reduces the weight of the flute. This footjoint allows the flute to be played down to a low D.

The Student Flute has a C footjoint. This is a standard student flute footjoint and it allows the flute to be played down to a low C.


The jFlute has key extensions on two of the left hand keys. This makes it easier for small hands to reach and play.

The student flute does not have the key extensions on the flute, but the Nuvo Student Flute Kit comes with the extension keys that can be place on the flute.


Both types of flutes are offered in the following colors: white with stainless steel collars, black with stainless steel collars, white with blue, white with pink, and white with green.

The Nuvo Student Flute also comes in these colors: pink, electric blue, and laser green.

Nuvo Flutes

Nuvo Flute Extras

Nuvo jFlute Upgrade Kit

This upgrade kit turns the Nuvo jFlute into a Nuvo Student Flute with a straight headjoint and a C foot joint. The carrying case that comes with the jFlute can still be used with the new fitting included in this kit. The Nuvo jFlute Upgrade Kit is great for a child who is progressing in learning to play the flute. The two color choices are black and white.

Nuvo Desk Stand

The Nuvo Desk Stand is great for those who want their flute out and assembled. This makes it easier to remember to practice whenever you have free time and keeps it out of the way.

Nuvo Colored Key Caps Set for Flutes

These colored key caps are a fun accessory for any Nuvo flute. Add some color for fun, or use multiple colors to help with learning fingering. The color options are pink, green, and blue.

Nuvo Flute Curved Headjoint

If your child is struggling to reach the keys and play the Nuvo Student Flute, you can purchase the Nuvo Flute Curved Headjoint. Curved headjoints reduce the space between the mouthpiece and the keys, making it easier to reach, hold, and play the flute. The curved headjoint comes with a tote bag and can also be stored in the Nuvo Student Flute's case pocket. The color choices are black and white.

Note that the Nuvo Curved Headjoint was not designed to fit with other flute models.

Final Verdict

The Nuvo flutes are a great instrument for young beginners who are anxious to learn to play the flute. They are lightweight, durable, and have many features that make playing the flute easy to learn.

The Nuvo jFlute Kit with Curved Head allows young children to start playing the flute right away. As they progress, a Nuvo jFlute Upgrade Kit can be purchased to transform the jFlute into a Student Flute.

The Nuvo Student Flute Kit was made for older children to learn to play the flute. However, if they are still too small to play, the Nuvo Flute Curved Head can be purchased to accommodate by making the Student Flute a jFlute minus the D footjoint.

The Nuvo flutes may sound differently than typical flutes, and they may cost more than what you might guess for a plastic instrument, but these flutes are lightweight, durable, and waterproof - all great qualities for young children musicians. The Nuvo jFlute Kit with Curved Head and the Nuvo Student Flute Kit get a 4.5 out of 5 rating.

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Sam DiCamillo July 21, 2018

Do you folks have a ring key model in your ülans? This would be great addition to your fine products,and as a Jazz player I would most certainly purchase a nuvo flute.

I did in fact try out a nuvo flue in a music shop (Germany) and I was quite pleased with the sound, however the key action was a bit to “spongey” for my druthers.

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